Violet Stars


February 11 - Middle School  

February 12 - High School

Register for the Carroll Classic 2022



 1000 Seat Auditorium for Choir Performances

Professional Sound by Stageright Productions

Lighting Cues upon request

54 x 50 on stage performance area

Large Equipment storage backstage prior to your performance

400 Seat Auditorium for Solo Competition

2 Homerooms for every school

No timing/No penalties- you do your show your way

Judging panel selected from across the country

Immediate feedback from judges immediately following your show



2021 Carroll Classic Results

Championship Mixed

GC: Franklin Central "F.C. Singers" (BV,BC)

1RU: Homestead "Class Royale"

2RU: Fishers "Electrum"

3RU: Huntington North "Varsity Singers"

Best Band: Franklin Central "F.C. Singers"
Best Crew: Fishers "Electrum"
Best Male Soloist: Huntington North "Varsity Singers" Caleb Jackson
Best Female Soloist: Franklin Central "F.C Singers" Bella

Championship Women's

GC: Franklin Central "High Voltage

1RU: Fishers "Sound" (BC)

2RU: Homestead "Elite"

Best Band: Franklin Central "High Voltage"
Best Crew: Fishers "Sound"
Best Soloist: Fishers "Sound" Savanna Jensen

Varsity Mixed

GC: Norwell "Knight Moves" (BV,BC)

1RU: Columbia City "City Heat"

2RU: Bishop Luers "Minstrels"


Best Band: Norwell "Knight Moves"
Best Crew: Garrett "Encore"
Best Male Soloist: Bishop Luers "Minstrels" Brendan Harrington
Best Female Soloist: Garrett "Encore" Brianna Miller

Varsity Women's


GC: Norwell "Knight Stars" (BV,BC)

1RU: Columbia City "City Lights"

2RU: Huntington North "Viking Volume"

Best Band: Norwell "Knight Stars"
Best Crew: Columbia City "City Lights"
Best Soloist: Norwell "Knight Stars" Makayla Grant


2021 Competing Choirs

Woodlan Women's Ensemble

Woodlan Warrior Ambition

Homestead Elite

Homestead Class Royale

Fishers Sound

Fishers Electrum

Crestview Knight Visions

Norwell Knight Stars

Norwell Knight Moves

Alliance Jet Setters

Garrett Encore

Huntington North Viking Volume

Huntington North Varsity Singers

Franklin Central Flight

Franklin Central Encores

Franklin Central High Voltage

Franklin Central FC Singers

East Noble Premiere Edition

East Noble Knight Rhythms

Columbia City City Lights

Columbia City City Heat

Bishop Luers Minstrels