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2025 Carroll Classic

February 8 - Middle School  

February 9 - High School


2025 Judges

Michelle Jensen-Vocals

Bob Anderson- Vocals

Trent Buglewicz-Vocals

Ben Schrank- Visuals

Farlanda Buchannon-Visuals

Damon Brown- Critique

Bubba Bussiere- Critique


2025 Participating Groups

Small Mixed

Bishop Dwenger Summit Sound

Crestview Knight Visions

Jay County Patriot Edition

Norwell Knight Moves

Small Unisex

Jay County Just Treble

Norwell Knight Stars

Large Unisex

Homestead Elite

New Castle Dynamique

Northridge Starlights

Large Mixed

Homestead Class Royale

New Castle Red Hot Blues

Northridge Northern Lights

Middle School


Carroll Middle School Electric Charge

Maple Creek  MC Singers

Northwood  Wave of Youth

Woodside/Summit Class Act

Memorial Park  '78 Edition

2024 Results

Middle School

Grand Champion-Churubusco New Generation

Best Vocals- Churubusco

Best Visuals- Churubusco

1st Runner Up- Carroll Middle School Electric Charge

2nd Runner Up-Woodside/Summit Class Act

3rd Runner Up-Memorial Park 78 Edition

4th Runner Up-Riverview/Crestview RC Singers

5th Runner Up-Norwell Knight Sounds

6th Runner Up-Northwood Wave of Youth 

Unisex Show Choir

Grand Champion-Center Grove Debtones 

Best Vocals- Center Grove

Best Visuals-Center Grove

1st Runner Up-Norwell Knight Stars

2nd Runner Up-Jay County Just Treble

Small Mixed Show Choir

Grand Champion-Norwell Knight Moves

Best Vocals- Norwell

Best Visuals-Norwell

1st Runner Up-Jay County Patriot Edition

2nd Runner Up-Austin Dimensions

Large Mixed Show Choir

Grand Champion-Center Grove Sound System

Best Vocals-Center Grove

Best Visuals-Center Gove

1st Runner Up-Lafayette Jefferson First Edition

2nd Runner Up-New Castle Red Hot Blues


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