Booster Volunteer Contacts

Board (Elected positions)

Mark Bloom


Sonia Radcliff

Vice President

Terri Uchtman


Brandi Bilger


Amy Thompson

Business Manager

Amy Ferrel

Competitions Board Member

Betsy Bloom

Fundraising Board Member

Jen Featherston

Sponsorships Board Member

Rachel Brouwer

Marketing Board Member

Brooke Miller

Image Board Member

Bryan Wigge

Staging and Technical Props Board Member

Tracie Reith

Show Choir Booster Member-at-Large

Coordinator Positions

MaryAnn Smith

Travel Coordinator

Ben and Samantha Gregory

Invitational Chairperson

Sara Wigge/ Betsy Bloom

Show Coordinators

Marsha Case

Special Events Coordinator

Brook Miller

Scrip Coordinator

Sonia Radcliff

Volunteer Coordinator

Carrie Guillaume

Competition Day Food Coordinator

Tracie Reith

Advertising Coordinator

Jen Featherston

Printed Programs Coordinator

Rachel Brouwer

Publicity Coordinator

Terri Uchtman


Terri Uchtman

Website Coordinator

Group Representatives:

Minstrel Magic - Michelle Bracken,

Select Sound - Tracie Reith,

Electric Pulse - Tia Danko-Dess,

Scott Miller

Technical Coordinator


(260) 637-3161 ext. 3314/3315

3701 Carroll Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818, USA

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